OPC Server

The Danfoss OPC Server is compliant with most SCADA clients and lets you quickly connect and configure the ECL controller to be a device in a SCADA system.

The OPC Server supports standard Modbus communication protocols via RS485 and/or Ethernet as well as special read/write algorithms to increase throughput to/from the ECL 300/310 controller. The OPC Server package also includes a Configurator utility which eases the configuration of the OPC Server significantly.

OPC Server software is available in all our markets.

OPC Server

Technická data

Obj.čísloOznačeníČíselný kód pro licenceDatové komunikační rozhraní (s)Podporované regulátory

OPC Server

187B1000 OPC Server software for ECL Comfort 210/310187B1000Ethernet, RS485ECL Comfort 200,
ECL Comfort 300,
ECL Comfort 210,
ECL Comfort 310


Datové listy
Energy meters supported by Danfoss SCADA solutions
VDHXJ702_DS.pdf (0,4 Mb), Číslo literatury: VDHXJ702, Jazyk: English, Datum vydání: 24/01 2019
OPC Server software for ECL Comfort 310
VDHXB302_OPC_Server.pdf (0,3 Mb), Číslo literatury: VDHXB302, Jazyk: English, Datum vydání: 01/05 2018

Connecting ECL Comfort 310 via 3G/4G to SCADA server
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Connection of ECL Comfort 310 to WLAN
VIHXD202_ECL310_WLAN_OG_new_revision.pdf (0,5 Mb), Číslo literatury: VIHXD202, Jazyk: English, Datum vydání: 21/08 2018
ECL Comfort 210/296/310, communication description
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OPC server for ECL Comfort 310
VIGUM202_OPC_server_new_revision.pdf (1,2 Mb), Číslo literatury: VIGUM202, Jazyk: English, Datum vydání: 20/08 2018

Případové studie
Simple and efficient system for remote monitoring and control
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Software downloads
USB driver for ECL Comfort 210 / 310 - instruction
VSLGA202_USB_ driver_installation-guide.pdf (0,1 Mb), Číslo literatury: VSLGA102, Jazyk: English, Datum vydání: 19/08 2010

Supplementary tools/tables
Parameter numbers (PNUs) for ECL Comfort 210/310
Parameter-numbers-PNUs-for-ECL-Comfort-210-310.zip (14,8 Mb), Číslo literatury: VTHXA202, Jazyk: English, Datum vydání: 08/04 2014