LENO™ MSV-O is a new generation of manual valves for balancing flow in heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.
LENO™ MSV-O is a combined presetting and shut off valve with a range of unique features:
• Fixed venturi orifice.
• Removable hand wheel for easy mounting.
• Numeric presetting scale, visible from more angles.
• Easy locking of presetting.
• Built-in measuring nipples for 3mm needles.
• Open-close with Allen key in emergency.
• Open-closed colour indicator.
It is recommended to use LENO™ MSV-O in constant
flow systems in front of boilers, flat stations or heat pumps in one-family houses for balancing,
shut-off function for service and repair, flow verification, one pipe systems. The valve may be mounted in flow or return.
All dimensions are available with internal thread.


Technická data

Obj.čísloRozměry připojení
Max. pracovní tlak
Min. diferenční tlak na ventilu
Max. diferenční tlak na ventilu
Max. teplota v přívodu


003Z4020 DN 15 LF0.6320 2.5130Rp ½"
003Z4021 DN 152.820 2.5130Rp ½"
003Z4022 DN 205.720 2.5130Rp ¾"
003Z4023 DN 259.720 2.5130Rp 1"
003Z4024 DN 3216.620 2.5130Rp 1¼"
003Z4025 DN 4025.420 2.5130Rp 1½"
003Z4026 DN 5037.920 2.5130Rp 2"


Application guide
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Cross-selling brochure for installers
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HVAC aplikační brožura
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Hydronic Balancing & Control product overview
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Hydronické vyvažování, přehled produktů a řešení
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LENO Family Pocket brochure
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Certifikát SZÚ pro řadu Leno MSV
Statni_zdravotni_ustav_Leno_MSV.pdf (0,1 Mb), Číslo literatury: VCB4O148, Jazyk: česky, Datum vydání: 28/10 2009

Datové listy
Data sheet MSV-O
MSV_O_VDB4H302_X011365en.pdf (3,6 Mb), Číslo literatury: VDB4H302, Jazyk: English, Datum vydání: 24/09 2013

Instructions MSV-O
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Regulace vytapeni v praxi
Regulace vytapeni v praxi2016.pdf (6,0 Mb), Číslo literatury: VKFNC248, Jazyk: česky, Datum vydání: 19/11 2014

Případové studie
Energy saving solutions for renovation of heating and cooling systems
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Prohlášení o shodě
Manufacturer declaration_MSV-BD/MSV-B/MSV-O/MSV-S
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Software downloads
MSV kalkulační nástroj
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Technická dokumentace
LENO™ Conversion Tables
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